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Cyclone Motorized Kits 200W, 250W, 360W, 480W, 500W, 650W,720W, 840W, 960W, 1260W, 1680W, 2000W, 3KW, 4kw, 6KW, 7.5KW and 20KW
Fast, affordable 20kw Electric bikes speed up to 150km/h with 120V 31.2ah battery
Custom make Lithium Batteries 7.8ah ~31.2ah, 24~120V
4KW Coaxial motor with Frame
Affordable 20KW Big boy e bike, Elite full suspension downhill electric bike, electric Fat bike, electric Folding bike

New Nikita 20/18/14KW Hub or mid drive Electric motorcycle Top speed 150 km/h Torque 160/400Nm 120V 50Ah/60V 100ah range 180km

Now 3kw kit now upgrade to waterproof connector, 40A Bluetooth Programable only use waterproof connector.

2.4KW Coaxial mid drive downhill e bike/ Top speed 90 km/h @72V
The Most popular, Powerful and Affordable 3kw e-bike DIY kit
How to Choose the e-bike DIY kit for your bike
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Home e-bike kits 4KW coaxial mid-motor