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 This Ninja 23 bike only for USA market

Motor : High Torque 23KW 200Nm, 11T  #428 sprocket 


Controller: Cyclone  72 ~96V 200A max  with LCD ( Check manual at FAQ)  programable

Throttle:  full throttle


 Chain:  #428

Swingarm color : black

Shock:  260mm

Forks:   200mm travel 

 Frame:  include

battery and charger:   include

brake system :   include  2 / 4 piston 

Handlebar with stem:  include

rear Tires or Rim:  include

 Rear Brake Lever:   include

Seat:   include

Light:  not include , can add extar 150USD for the light 

Top speed  72@ 70mph, 84V@80mph  , 96v@93mph 

 Complete electric motor cross like the picture, lead time is 10~ 20 days.

Ninja Bike Spec.


Electric Motor

23000W BLDC motor


600Nm peak


direct transmission


NCM battery 72V or 84V or 96V , capacity 35ah or 65ah or 72ah

Rated Voltage


Charging Time

5~10 hours with standard charger

Max. Power


Top Speed

92 MPH

Range (@ 50km/h)

about 200km with 72ah battery



Final Drive:



FT: 11T / RR: 42T





High Strength Perimeter Frame


High Strength Steel

Suspension - FT:

Inverted Hydraulic Adjustable 920mm, travel 220mm

Suspension - RR:

Coil Spring Shock Absorber, Adjustable 280mm, stroke length 50mm

Suspension Linkage:


Brakes - FT:

Hydraulic, 260mm Disc, Dual Piston Caliper

Brakes - RR:

Hydraulic, 220mm Disc, 4 Piston Caliper

Tires - FT:

80/100-21 Knobby Off Road Tire

Tires - RR:

110/100-18 Knobby Off Road Tire

Wheel - FT:

1.60 x 21 Aluminum Rim

Wheel - RR:

2.15 x 18 Aluminum Rim



L x W x H:

2200 x 800 x 970 mm

Seat Height:

900 mm


1450 mm

Ground Clearance:

420 mm

Dry Weight:

118 kg



Introducing the Most Powerful and Fastest Electric Motocross Bike
Motocross bikes are some of the most sought-after machines for those who live for adventure. But now, a new breed of electric motocross bikes is taking over the market and revolutionizing the industry: electric dirt bike kits. Electric dirt bike kits are more powerful, faster, and affordable than ever before. With the most powerful and fastest electric motocross bike, you can experience top speed, superior handling, and smooth acceleration. This guide will help you find the perfect electric motocross kit for your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you can find the perfect electric dirt bike kit for your needs.
Electric motocross bikes have all the features of traditional gas-powered motocross bikes and more. They are lighter, more reliable, and more efficient than ever before. Electric motors provide superior power with zero emissions, allowing you to ride faster and smoother than ever before. The electric motor provides higher torque output, allowing for incredible acceleration without sacrificing durability or safety. With no exhaust fumes and minimal noise pollution, electric motocross bikes are also better for the environment. Electric dirt bike kits come in various sizes, shapes, models, and price ranges so that you can find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle and budget. Let's discuss the top 3 best electric dirt bike kits on the market and what makes them stand out from the rest.
Our Pick Up Of Top 3 Fastest Electric Motocross Bikes
1. Ninja 23 Motocross Without Battery
Introducing the Ninija 23 motocross, a no-battery motocross riding experience that puts you in control. Thanks to its incredible 200Nm of torque and Cyclone 72-96V200A max LCD controller, you'll have the power to achieve top speeds up to 93mph at 96V. And because it doesn't need a battery for operation, all that power will never run out.
What makes the Ninja so special? For starters, it's equipped with an 11M Gates pulley and an 11T #428 sprocket on its Carbon 11M belt or chain - designed for seamless wiring and enhanced longevity. You'll also find a 260mm shock absorber up front, 200mm travel forks, and an included 2 / 4 piston brake system for safe yet thrilling rides. Plus, there's an adjustable handlebar for added control when riding your Ninja 23 motocross. 
If that wasn't enough, this ultimate off-road experience includes a complete frame, rear tires or rim, rear brake lever, and seat so you can hit the trails right away! And while the Ninja 23 motocross package doesn't include lights (which you can add on separately), nothing can stand between your sense of adventure and a powerful ride experience like this. If you're looking for the fastest and most powerful electric motocross, the Ninja 23 is a great choice.
  • No battery needed
  • High torque motor
  • Programmable controller
  • Full throttle control
  • Carbon belt or #428 chain drive system
  • 260mm travel shock
  • 200mm travel forks
  • Black swingarm color
  • Includes brake system, handlebar with stem, and seat
  • High torque and power
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • LCD controller with programable options
  • Multiple speed settings for different terrain or rider preferences
  • Lights need to be purchased separately
2. Complete Ninja 23 Motocross Carbon Belt Drive
Are you looking for the perfect piece of equipment to help fulfill your riding needs? Step up your game with the Complete Ninja 23 Motocross Carbon Belt Drive. This package has all you need to hit the dirt and leave everyone else in the dust. 
Powered by a high-speed 23KW 200Nm motor, this motocross driver packs incredible performance along with remarkable resilience and flexibility. The included controller is both programmable and LCD capable, while it also provides up to 96V of power at 200A max with a smooth transition throttle range. And thanks to its Gates carbon 11M belt, you can drive as hard as you want without worrying about something breaking down. 
This motocross belt drive package is equipped with a 260mm shock absorber plus an impressive 200mm travel fork, making most terrains easily navigable. In addition, it comes with two/four pistons brake system, full handlebar and stem set, rear tires or rim set, as well as a comfortable seat to give you that complete experience as soon as possible. And its top speeds range from 72 mph (70T) all the way up to an astounding 93 mph (96 V).  
Hit the dirt track faster than ever with the Complete Ninja 23 Motocross Carbon Belt Drive! It will satisfy all your riding needs and some more due to its unmatched performance and dependability. So, if you're looking for an unbeatable electric motocross experience, this one is definitely the way to go.
  • Powerful motor – reach speeds of up to 72mph*
  • Gates carbon belt drive for a smooth, quiet ride
  • Programmable controller for a range of riding options
  • Includes battery and charger for easy use
  • Comes with shocks, forks, frame, and more
  • Fast and powerful motor
  • Carbon belt drive for quiet and efficient performance
  • Programmable controller for a customizable riding experience
  • Comes with a complete set of components needed to start riding right away
  • More expensive than other electric motocross options on the market
3. Complete Ninja 23 Motocross
Are you looking for an ultra-durable and reliable motocross bike to take on your most challenging rides? Look no further than the Complete Ninja 23 Motocross. This advanced bike is designed with a High Torque 23KW 200Nm, 11T #428 sprocket, and a 260mm shock absorber, making it perfect for the toughest terrain.
The impressive electric motor can reach speeds of up to 72 mph (70T) and 93 mph (96 V), while its programmable controller allows you to switch between multiple modes as you ride. This makes it great for both beginners and advanced riders alike.
The frame features a sturdy construction, while the 260mm shock absorber and 200mm travel forks offer enhanced stability and comfort over rough surfaces. The powerful Cyclone controller has an LCD display panel for programmable settings and reaches a maximum of 96V 200A. With full throttle control and included 2 or 4-piston brakes, you have total control over getting to wherever you need to go. 
The Complete Ninja 23 Motocross Carbon Belt Drive comes with a range of accessories, including a handlebar with stem, rear tires or rim, rear brake lever, seat, and more - perfect for those who demand top performance from their ride. Whether you’re a professional racer or just seeking an adrenaline rush, the Complete Ninja 23 Motocross is sure to deliver.
  • High Speed 23KW 200Nm, 70T /19T 11M Gates carbon drive motor
  • Cyclone 72 ~96V 200A max with LCD, programable controller
  • Full throttle
  • Belt 11M Gates
  • Black swingarm color
  • 260mm shock
  • 200mm travel forks
  • 2 or 4-piston brakes
  • High torque motor for powerful yet efficient performance
  • Programmable controller with LCD
  • Carbon belt drive to provide a smooth and quiet ride
  • A comprehensive set of accessories included
  • Lights are not included
Electric motocross bikes are becoming more and more popular. Here we discussed the top three most powerful and fastest on the market. These motorcycles are perfect for beginners and advanced riders, offering high speeds, smooth performance, and a range of features. The Ninja 23 Carbon Belt Drive is one of the market's most reliable electric motocross bikes. So, let's hit the dirt track faster than ever with this amazing electric motocross bike!

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