Credit card payment

When doing online payment and the payment doesn't go through, you can call your credit card company.

If there still can't do the payment via credit card, you can contact us at [email protected], we will give you our company bank detail and pay via bank money transfer, you can get 5% discount via T/T.



Cyclone Co., Ltd

Assemble the 18kw enduro e-bike
1.  remove the battery from the frame  if is too heavy ( too heavy , only put it back when all of the parts are all assembled
2. Take the fork crown
74.  put back battery and connect power plug to controller
16. tighten all the bolts and nuts on the bike and switch the key on, press M button for 5 second to turn on the power
17. ready to go
How to set Bluetooth programable controller

App download

App download

How to set the LCD

P17:  Set the controller Phase current, when the  number bigger motor speed up quicker

P18: is option for the 18kw, 20Kw and 22kw non geared motors, is to adjust the electric brake system ( EBS) from 1. weak or to 5. strong.


If I have question that is not in FAQ page how do I find the answer?

you can e-mail us at [email protected] we will reply you within 48 hours, usually is 8 hours reaction time.