Assemble the 18kw enduro e-bike
1.  remove the battery from the frame ( too heavy , only put it back when all of the parts are all assembled
2. Take the fork crown install with the head set with handle bar on the frame.
3.  put left fork and right fork
4.  put M12 Bolt  on wheel screw in to left fork, 
5. fix the M12 bolt right side to the right side fork
6.  put the front disc brake, the thin wire from the break lever  need to plug in to controller brake switch plug
7.  put throttle on handle bar connect to controller , there are 3+2 pins  , 2pins plug connect to the one next to LCD plug.
8.  put LCD on handle bar  plug to controller only need to use the big plug
9. connect the rear swingarm and 12T gear on the right side for chain to fit
10. put rear derailleur and chain on
11. put 9 speed shifter on and connect the wire to  rear derailleur
12.  put rear shock on, 
13.  put Kickstand , the bike can put up
14. put rear brake on, but need to loosen the belt before you do that, put seat on
15. put back battery and connect to controller
16. tighten all the bolts and nuts on the bike and switch the key on, press M button for 5 second to turn on the power
17. ready to go